Saturday, May 10, 2008

Weather Channel Changes Name

I have been known to make mistakes. Some are really obvious, some are not. I've also been known to razz the weather-folk among us about how the weather forecasts are so often wrong. It's must be difficult to get a good weather forecast, I'm sure. So I'll cut them some slack.

Today, however, this just struck me funny. Maybe I was up too early or something. Off a week of bad-weather news, the Weather Channel is opening up a new studio. They have the inside scoop on the new digs on their web site. It's the "studio of the future" as they call it.

What they didn't say is that they are also changing their name as the new studio broadcasts begins broadcasting in HD. In an effort to separate themselves from the normal news about "weather" and to differentiate from traditional "weather forecasts" they will, henceforth, be known as "Weater." No time-frame is given, but the transition is sure to rock the weather world.

Here's the large image of the not-so-well-publicized release on their homepage on May 10 - there at 6:30 and still there at 10:15. Look at the zoomed image that follows for further details. Oh, and tell your friends...

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