Friday, February 8, 2008

Why ?

That's a great question.
It's actually one that I don't have a good answer for. The simple explanation is that my mind works in weird ways and once in a while I give in to strange impulses such as buying a particularly odd URL.

The long answer is that I was standing in my kitchen one day and I was spreading some butter on a piece of toast. To preface this, however, you must understand that I usually have ideas like little marbles rolling around in my head. The best ideas seem to come when some of these marbles hit each other, which is what happened that fine day. I must have moved suddenly and as these marbles crashed together, I thought of the domain name, "FunWithButter" and frantically ran to my computer to see if it was available. To my great surprise it was - and I purchased it on the spot.

What to do with a domain name like this?
Well, even better was that I had no idea what to do with a domain name like this. But, being an upstanding individual I shunned the potentially bad connotations that arose and decided that it could, perhaps, be a butter related web site.

I'm not so sure anymore...
I have good ideas, I think. I like my ideas and people ask me what I think of certain products, ideas, etc. So, the new concept is that I'll share my ideas - the things I like - the things I dream of - here on You're free to disagree with my ideas, add to them, sculpt them into something great, something butter better. Take them and run with them, make them um.... yours...

If you make it big-time with some of my ideas, or you're just thrilled by what you read, consider donating something to the cause. Help a brother out, eh?

You never know what'll come next. Be assured, though, that it's sufficiently valuable to me and might be to you as well. Don't miss the fun...

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