Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter

Well, well... After a bit of research provided from a friend, I have found some of the truth behind the "Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter," or PICC. What's really interesting, however, is that the PICC is, indeed, a hoax. It doesn't work and what's worse, I nearly fell for it from an ad in Popular Science!

The "Science of Fuel Economy" displayed on the PICC web site is a thing of beauty. It's really, really convincing and I was sucked in! But no more. Yes, that's right - no more.

Here's the scoop on Dennis Lee, the creator of the PICC:

Read it all for yourself and make your own judgment.

For me, I won't be swapping out my catalytic converter for the ultra-efficient PICC that runs on water, used oil and lots more. No, I won't be havin' that.


James said...

Jason :

You need to get your facts straight .

The Pre Ignition Catalytic Converter ( PICC ) isn't even on the market yet because it's awaiting approval by the EPA and/or CARB .

You state that a friend of yours says that it doesn't work ?? It may be that he's referring to phase #1 of the technology called the " Hydro Assist Fuel Cell ( HAFC ) " . No matter because he's still full of baloney . If your friend bought one and it doesn't work it was improperly installed . So , why should the product receive the blame for that ? Besides , the company provides a 100% money back guarantee in the event that a customer is unable to achieve at least a 50% improvement in fuel economy . They can do this because their average improvement is 95% . Some are tripling . They've sold over 8,000 units thus far .

Just to bring you up to snuff , The FORD MOTOR COMPANY approached Dutchman Enterprises in July . On July 31st they sent their lead engineer and his group to spend the day with the engineering staff of Dutchman . The lead engineer arrived that morning super skeptical , but at the end of the day was super excited . Now , do you suppose that he was bamboozled ?

For several weeks now FORD has been testing the HAFC on 48 platforms . They are very excited and requesting more .

On September 13th a top executive from FORD addresses the attendees of the Dutchman Enterprises annual dealer convention announcing that the two companies were going to do a joint venture . GEE ! I guess the scam is really working great , huh ? Maybe someone should warn them !!

BTW , they are fully aware of the lies that Eric Kreig and his fellow snakes have been spewing for the past 12 years . He receives $200,000 annually as a paid character assassin . Nice gig , huh ?

You Sir have aided and abetted the slanderer , Eric Kreig and others . I'm not a lawyer , but I believe that makes you an accomplice .

I suggest that you do your own due diligence and then perform any retractions that may be in order . Dennis Lee is not a vengeful person so that's in your favor .

Anonymous said...

I'm no chemist, but my dad is and I have a fairly good understanding of some simple physics. My dad came up with all of these technical things that aren't answered by the promo video and for me, there's this law of thermodynamics thing. I've watched enough star trek to know it takes a lot of power to turn something into plasma. Where does all that energy come from.
And how about: adding water to the fuel mix. Do you know why antifreeze is put in coolant? SO IT DOESN'T ROT YOUR ENGINE. So by mixing water in the fuel mix, along with all that heat and pressure, you're not going to cause corrosion in the cylinders?
I'm thinking the ford guy was paid to walk out smiling.

James said...

Adding water to the fuel mix causes corrosion ??

Water is already being injected into your engine . For every gallon of gasoline injected there is 9,000 gallons of oxygen through your air intake . Isn't water a component of H2o ? Hmmmm

Where is the law of thermodynamics violated ?

The phase #1 , Hydro Assist Fuel Cell isn't the technology that creates plasma . That's done with phase #2 , the Pre Ignition Catalytic Converter .

You've not really listened closely to the videos . I suggest that you return to the web site and pay better attention :

You can also keep up to date at : and the password is : " light "

While listening to the archived conference calls be sure to take note of the Q & A period .

Get curious , it won't cost you a single penny and you might just learn something . You can even ask your own questions if you listen to the live calls : 1-646-519-5860 and the pin # is " 3560 " . Time : 7:00 EST every Thursday evening . No calls for the remainder of this year due to the holidays .