Friday, February 8, 2008

ING Direct - Online Banking, Great Rates

I'm an Internet guy. I work on the Internet. I keep my documents on the Internet. I'm heavily connected at home and at work. I like my life to be accessible from the web, the "cloud" as some folks have called it.

I don't have any particular name for it, but one thing that the Internet has done for us is lowered the cost of providing services. Similar to how mail order companies lowered the cost of ordering products because individual retail stores weren't needed, ING Direct has brought us low-cost banking via the Internet. What's even better is that ING Direct's low costs are passed on to the consumer via higher interest rates on checking and savings accounts and lower interest rates on mortgages.

As you know I'm not paid to say any of this, but ING Direct is really something to look into if you like online banking. ING also offers no-load mutual funds for the investment-savvy among us. If that weren't enough, they just bought so you might find yourself loving it more!

Here's some specs:

  • High checking and savings account rates
  • Low interest mortgages (ARM)
  • Low interest home equity
  • High interest CDs
  • Easy online access
  • Online bill pay
  • No-load mutual funds
  • Easily create multiple accounts instantly online
  • Set up automatic transfers to and from accounts on a periodic basis

Here's a downside that bugs me:
  • Online bill pay only allows monthly payments (not a big deal for most people)

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